Interior design

Interior with liquid wallpaper (design): we find the right solution for any style!

The interior without finishing is nonsense. Nothing decorates a room like a properly chosen wall decoration. And it is the liquid wallpaper in the interior that provides maximum comfort and aesthetics.

Liquid wallpaper applied without seams, do not require careful preparation of the base, form an additional sound-proof layer on the walls and do not attract dust. It is clear that a coating with such excellent performance can be used everywhere. But there is another unconditional advantage - the design of liquid wallpaper in the interior.

Liquid wallpaper suitable for various rooms

Liquid wallpaper BIOPLAST - textile coating of the new generation. It can be used for walls, ceilings and surfaces of any complexity (arches, columns, spheres, etc.). In any architectural concepts there is a place for such material.

After all, liquid wallpaper is ideal for interior design both residential and commercial purposes. With their help, you can arrange the hall of a country house or hotel, office space or bedroom. And what pictures are obtained in the nursery! You can always buy wallpaper cheaply and change the interior for the better, add brightness. Store Bioplast liquid wallpaper will offer you more than 230 options for stylistic solutions!