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* The decor of the liquid wallpaper is made from all the articles on request.
* The decor of the liquid wallpaper is made from all the articles on request.

Gloss Skill: Glitter and Lurex for Liquid Wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper even without the brilliant particles look noble and expressive. But you can buy glitter separately, if you need a luxurious radiant finish.

Glitter is a crispy light-reflecting particles, dry powder that is easily mixed with any basic substance. It is sold in convenient small bags with weight from 10 grams to 1 kg. You are free to give your room an individual view by means of these fillers.

Where are the Wallpapers with Glitter Used?

The most popular colors of glitter are gold and silver. It is believed that gold glitters blend better with the warm colors: coral, peach, beige, sand or coffee. But silver glitters suit better with cool colors: blue, light blue, grey, violet.

The effect of surface gloss depends on how much glitter is added to the starting material. If you plan to create only easy glow noticeable in good light, one package of glitter per 1 kg of dry wallpaper will be enough. If you need to fill your room with impeccable exquisite shine, you will need 3-5 packages. The more glitter you use, the more pronounced effect you will achieve.

Classical interiors do not need such an expression: it is quite enough to add just a slight accent. But if you decide to recreate the atmosphere of Baroque palace or a charming boudoir in the oriental style, feel free to use plenty of glitter.

Glitter Features

Bioplast offers glitter in the form of hexagon with a size 4 microns and in the form of tiny sticks (lurex). It uses a special, very thin metallized film for their production. Therefore, these sparkling components are easily mixed with any substance, are included in any texture and equally distributed on the surface.

Lurex or thin "sticks" with gold or silver radiance, would be appropriate in textured coatings that require a great expressiveness.

Although everything depends on the individual design and on what style the room is decorated in. Another glitter advantage is that it is added at any stage of mixture preparation. You can cover part of the wall with the liquid wallpaper without sparkles, and then add shine and continue to work.

Glitter itself different is resistant to moisture and UV light. It is often bought also as an additive to the favorite liquid wallpaper collection, and as an independent material for decorative art, for big size sculptures or paintings, Christmas toys, glass painting.

Chemical resistance polymer metallized film, which glitter is made of, allows you to mix not only with liquid wallpaper, but also with oil paints, lacquers and texture paste.

Acrylic-based compositions are not recommend for mixing, because they decolorize glitter. The gloss by itself does not change the properties of the liquid wallpaper, so the material is applied perfectly well to any surface, from drywall to concrete.

In this section, you can buy not only glitter and lurex, but also get the tools you need for working with liquid wallpaper, including grater for application.