Tender texture and brightness of the colors in a colorful series of Liquid Wallpaper

Product №4 from Bioplast has the most luscious tones, which you may see as respectable and solemn, tender spring and bright tropical colors. Experiment with color the way you like:  we offer you 22 color solutions.

Bright, saturated colors of the collection were created explicitly by means of using artificial silk fibers. Due to them, creation of expressive interior has become much easier!

Advantages of the Series

We have collected for you the best liquid wallpaper based on artificial silk and cellulose fibers. All of them are completely safe and fit for decoration of living spaces with no restrictions. Choosing this collection of coatings, you get:

  • Fantastically soft touch finishing material.
  • The coating is easily applied to any wall. You can create a seamless finishing, even if the room is plenty of niches, arches and inter-level transitions.
  • Colorful solutions are perfectly combined with each other. Using them, you can create tropical-colored panels or perform functional zoning of space.

In this collection designers experimented not only colors, but with texture as well. Thus, the coatings with large fibers look like clouds, that suddenly descended on the walls. A liquid wallpaper with fine fibers are dazzling imagination with light silky glitter.

The main colors of the series are blue, lilac, pink, orange, brown and green. But remember that the color saturation is different in each type. Such versatility coatings delight true connoisseurs. It is possible to find a suitable solution for solar romantic bedrooms, and the one for a strict respectable office.

You should use these finishing materials in those rooms, where there is a lack of color. They will perfectly transform space!