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Textile plaster BIOPLAST

Textile plaster on the basis of decorative fibers is intended for application in the interior of residential premises. Possesses a high degree of adhesion, seamlessness and elasticity. Ideal for non-straight sections. Environmentally friendly material.

This collection is a new generation in the evolution of decorative plasters using textile fibers. A fundamentally new approach allows us to obtain previously unattainable decorative effects, which allow us to take a new step in the art of decorative design.

Unlike previous generations of decorative plasters, textile plaster BIOPLAST highlights the use of fundamentally new complex yarns, giving a unique textile effect. A new approach to technology allows the coating to have the property of increased strength. All this gives numerous opportunities to apply the new collection, both in a wide range of design styles and in various operating conditions.

The finished surface has no seams, has the property of thermal insulation, sound absorption, frost resistance, air permeability, antistatic properties, hides small cracks and surface irregularities.