Liquid wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom or a children’s room will look very comfortable and elegant. Moreover this coating is general-purpose because you can create different color combinations that both spouses and children of different ages will adore.

For the antique style an interesting solution would be a noble combination of white, beige and gold. Gold threads will be appropriate in such luxurious styles as baroque and empire.

Shades of the scorching sun and hot sand will give the flavor of the African interior. And with the help of white, lilac and green tones it is so easy to convey the charm of the blossoming sakura. As for such popular trends as classic and minimalism, they require light monochrome coatings.

By the way, light shades are more suitable for the bedroom, because they allow you to avoid emotional congestion.

Experiment - in collections you can pick up materials in the same color scheme, but with different textures, and make the space even more interesting!