When we first created an enterprise, liquid wallpaper was for our country something exotic, unusual and very expensive. After all, all coatings of this type were imported from Europe or Asia. Ukrainian designers and construction companies could not fully appreciate the benefits of such a finishing decor. First of all, because it cost this type of decorative plaster unnecessarily expensive.
Our History
Meanwhile, in European countries, liquid wallpaper is incredibly popular. With their help, everyone can create the most incredible design solutions. And we decided to correct this unfortunate omission, and began the production of Ukrainian liquid wallpaper, which would be available to the mass consumer.
Our technologists have developed a technology for the production of liquid wallpaper BIOPLAST, obtained the necessary certification and started production. The first collection consisted of more than 100 articles that immediately received favorable customer reviews.
The issue of Catalog 2 completed the collection of colors with fundamentally new colors and textures.
a distinctive feature of the collection - unsurpassed colors
  • silk texture
  • bright and juicy
  • dynamic
A new color-texture gamut has expanded the ability to place accents in the interiors. The effect of depth and volume of color was at the peak of the popularity of new trends in decor.
The production of Catalog 3 was started, which has no analogues until this day. Satin-style decor, soft colors and unique chips decor.
2016. Opened line of business in the markets of East Asia. The brand takes part in the largest Asian exhibitions. The start of first deliveries to countries of Asia and neighboring countries. Trade has been established with large retail chains in the European Union.
The Catalog 4 is presented. It’s first 15 articles.

Basic soft colors and matte texture in combination with an affordable price instantly found a wide range of buyers. Work has continued on expanding the collection that has become a favorite to customers.

2018. At the beginning of the year, the collection of Catalog 1 and Catalog 4 was expanded. Halftones appeared, and now it became even easier to choose the desired color. In Catalog 2, we added a line of monochromatic bright accents with a silk texture.

Certificates and REWARDS
Leading employees
  • Pavel
  • Alyona
  • Alexander
  • Sergey
  • Dmitriy
  • Oleg
  • Maksim