Catalog 3

The Softness of Cotton for your Walls

Do you prefer quality finishing, but do not like the designers’ experiments? Do you want your home to be perfectly beautiful and at the same time cozy? Think that soft tones are the most versatile colors for a stylish interior? Then you will enjoy the Bioplast liquid wallpaper product, which contains both traditional and non-standard colors.

Properties of the Material in the Design and Operation

The perfection of style, versatility, color, high quality and environmentally friendliness – Bioplast liquid wallpaper is chosen due to these qualities! But product №3 is distinguished by its unusual texture.

A unique fiber resembling cotton was chosen here as a basis. Therefore, the material on the walls will be very pleasant to the touch. It is a fantastic solution for those who appreciate naturalness. And one more thing: this series - the only one of its kind!

This finishing material is totally safe for any room, whether it a nursery or a kitchen. But the most important advantage of the collection - in its universality. Designers gathered the most popular colors for this product:

  • graphite;
  • red brick;
  • yellow ocher;
  • creamy beige;
  • sand;
  • plum;
  • brown;
  • white;
  • gray;

All the colors are soft and unobtrusive. Decorated with this liquid wallpaper, walls will become wonderful background and colorful accent –everything depends on what kind of texture you like.

A special place in this directory is held by a collection of liquid wallpaper, in which flocks are used as decorative elements. These colored decorative additives enable to visually create the coating depth and resemble decorative stone, preserving all the best properties of liquid wallpaper: sound absorption, thermal insulation and, of course, anti-static.

The collection includes 78 types of coatings, and each one has its own mood. Here you can see large inclusions, and virtually "monotonous" imitation of plaster (only much softer to the touch). You can choose a coating with severe or textile texture or with small fibers. Or you can combine of a few types of coatings in one space in order to create an incredibly interesting design, close to your vision.

Bioplast liquid paper is first of all safety. It includes only hypoallergenic ingredients.