Liquid wallpaper in the interior of the living room or hall will play the role of a presentable background. The choice of a particular type of coating depends on which style is chosen as the main one. So, if the living room is designed in a restrained classical style, then the coating is chosen universal, monophonic, in soothing colors.

If the preference is given to the romantic theme of Provence, then the coating is chosen as soft as possible, in muted watercolor tones, in order to demonstrate sophistication and refinement.

In tech types of styles like loft and hi-tech styles, liquid wallpaper of cold tones would be more appropriate. They fully convey the mood of these styles, but at the same time provide the softness that is so important for home comfort. A coating in warm colors is suitable for country style. This is the best way to convey rustic flavor and comfort. Moreover, peach, brown and coffee shades are in perfect harmony with natural wood.

You can choose suitable liquid wallpaper for Scandinavian minimalism. These will be fine textures in shades of gray and beige, as well as combinations of white and graphite. And for retro style, bright shades are better suited: green, yellow, pink and even red or orange.