In 2006 was founded the production of Bioplast — liquid wallpaper - an innovative material for interior finishing, natural and environmentally safe.
what does BIOPLAST consist of
  • 1
    Artificial silk
    Polyester yarn is a material used in the textile industry. Color doesn’t fade under the exposure to the sunlight and the influence to moisture. This yarn is used for the manufacture of carpets and fabrics for clothing.
  • 2
    CMC glue
    This is an adhesive designed for sticking all types of paper-based wallpaper.
  • 3
    Perfectly looks as a decorative additive in liquid wallpaper.
  • 4
    Decorative glitter
    Glitter of different size, often used in cosmetic industry.
  • 5
    Chips decor elements
    Acrylic particles of various colors. Due to the matte surface in combination with textile fibers create harmony.
* Textile fibers, that the liquid wallpaper BIOPLAST consists of, are similar to those used in the production of modern high-quality clothing.