Catalog 2

Liquid wallpaper: a Unique Base Series

When we started to produce domestic liquid wallpaper, we have relied on a universal colors and texture. It is this collection and product №2. Here you will find 57 colors, from luxury to moderate. You can use them as an accent or background depending on what furniture is used, and what decorative objects are preferred.

Design Features

Soft, comfortable, presentable and stylish liquid wallpaper: product №2 allows you to enjoy spectacular color tints. With such an extraordinary finishing your interior will never be boring. Among the leading colors of the collection are as follows:
  • sea wave;
  • gray-green; 
  • lilac and lavender;
  • sand and peach;
  • purple;
  • beige and gray;
  • emerald and olive;
  • white and cream;
  • blue and light blue;
  • pink and coral.
The variety of tints allows you to experiment with color. You can easily pick up any desired pattern corresponding to the color of furniture facades or textiles.
Another advantage of liquid wallpaper design is that the surface coated with such a composition does not look uniform. Due to the different sizes of textile and silk fibers, texture of the material changes. You can choose coatings with large inclusions: on the wall they will remind natural marble streaks. There are blotches of different colors, such as beige, white, brown or blue-gray-blue, but the tones so perfectly matched that aesthetic pleasure is guaranteed.
Liquid wallpaper with fine texture is a slightly different design direction. Here artificial silk fibers play the most important role.
Such a material on the wall looks like a real woven fabric, only with chaotic texture. It is distinguished with a soft but expressive satin sheen. Both with artificial and natural light, these fibers will shine, creating a barely noticeable, but spectacular glow. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to watch the play of colors on the walls!

Who Would Like Such a Finishing?

Due to hypoallergenicity and environmental friendliness raw materials have no restrictions as for the use of liquid wallpaper. They decorate the ceilings and walls, arches and ledges in residential and public areas. Soft coating, created with a liquid wallpaper,  can be seen either by the child’s bed, reception area or a fitness club.
The great advantage of this decorative plaster is that it does not contain sand and thus remains pleasant to the touch, and is much softer than plaster decorative acrylic-based and mineral components. Therefore, liquid wallpaper occur on the photos of luxurious interiors so often!
They are used to adorn the fireplace rooms, the pool, and luxurious lounges. But the colors versatility makes the material suitable for a modest, compact space - for example, a dark hallway or a living room entrance. Bedroom, study, kitchen and even the bathrooms - liquid wallpaper will be appropriate everywhere.
And our series, represented in this Product №2, helps to arrange any home. It will give freshness of sea waves to the rooms, and the sunny and playful tenderness of ripe fruit or sand heat to those premises, where there is too little sunlight. And remember: with liquid wallpaper you can implement the complex design experiments. After all, they are applied uniformly and seamlessly, which means that it is possible to create a beautiful work of art with a volume pattern or accentuate a certain zone desired color.
Experiment using different colors -this series has more than enough colors for your design palette!