Liquid wallpaper in the children's room will become a good background or will allow you to create fantastic fabulous patterns. Such coatings are 100% environmentally friendly, soft to the touch and allow the creation of seamless coatings. With their help, you can draw on the walls using stencils or pre-made contours.

Rate coverage with liquid wallpaper in the nursery according to the photo. Here you can see a beautiful central pattern in the kid’s room, original abstract or themed decors for teenagers, cute patterns suitable for girls and boys.

Designing a baby liquid wallpaper is always fresh and interesting. Choose bright collections with a well-defined texture and get a beautiful finish! In one series, all colors are combined with each other, so that you can experiment without restrictions. Such material will suit both the classic restrained style, and the marine or Scandinavian that teenagers so often choose. You can also make a beautiful castle for the princess on the wall or a race track for the boy.

The interiors with vertical or horizontal zoning also look spectacular. So, you can choose different shades and design a room for two children.