NEW 2023

The collection NEW 2023

The 2023 collection is made in the traditional liquid wallpaper technique, with all the classic properties and application method. It is recommended for work not only for professionals, but also for beginners, as it is unpretentious in preparation and easy to use.

The peculiarity of this collection is that the composition of shades in, it’s not only the color of artificial silk fibers, but also a combination of natural minerals. It is important to note the high light resistance of the mineral color component.

The color palette is restrained, in a natural soft range. Separately, we recommend paying attention to the layout in shades of gray, turning into muted colors of the classic palette.

The texture is soft, visually pronounced. The limited edition adds nine types with a deeply pronounced "stone" texture, for special decorative effects.

The color composition of the collection can be easily described as a two-level one: at a cursory glance, a soft background color will be visible, and upon closer examination - there’s an intricate textural pattern. This will add character to the walls.

Despite the complexity of the composition, the collection is in the middle price category. This is our gift to our dear connoisseurs!