Liquid wallpaper in the interior of the hallway - the solution is not only spectacular, but also practical. Moreover, the coating can be opened with an acrylic varnish, and it will acquire increased moisture resistance. If you leave the liquid wallpaper in the "natural" state, then at any time you can update the coating, removing the most contaminated or worn areas.

For different styles are suitable such coatings:

  • Fine fibers will be appropriate with loft style universal coatings; they soften the perception of brick and metal elements;
  • Classic or palace style implies luxury, which means you need wallpaper with glitter of different types;
  • You can also decorate the room by dynamic geometric patterns.

In the hallway preferred light colors. But the interior of the kitchen with liquid wallpaper can be more saturated with color. Even bold decisions like the sea wave, fuchsia or graphite will go well here. Just use extra light sources so that the decoration doesn't seem bleak.