The advantages of Bioplast liquid wallpaper
BIOPLAST liquid wallpaper imgmake it possible to:
  • Use a wide range of interior design solutions embodied in the finished color and texture of the composition.
  • Wide use in the indoor premises with and without heating.
  • Solutions of many surface preparation issues, and its drawbacks.
  • Decorating the curved surfaces of any curvature, and matching the surfaces of any complexity.
  • Quick and easy repair of any coating part without repair tracks, if necessary.
  • Apply the material by yourself - work does not require special skills.
  • Do not need to select the print, as it does not form a joints when applied.
  • Get additional insulation of the room.

Calculate your quantities of liquid wallpapers wich you need for your own room!

Wallpaper img Bioplast wallpaper is represented in major building supermarkets

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