Liquid wallpaper in the interior


Liquid wallpaper in the interior

Interior with liquid wallpaper: we will find the right solution for any style!

Interior without finishing is nonsense. Nothing decorates a room better than the right chosen wall decoration. And it is liquid wallpaper in the interior that provides maximum comfort and aesthetics.

Liquid wallpaper are applied without seams, do not require thorough base  preparation, forming an additional layer of soundproofing on the walls and does not attract dust.

It is clear that such a coating with excellent performance has universal use. But there is another absolute advantage - liquid wallpaper interior design.

How to Create a Bedroom or Nursery Design

Жидкие обои в интерьере спальни или детской
Liquid wallpaper in the interior of a bedroom or nursery will look very cozy and elegant. This coating is also good because you can create different color combinations that both your spouse and children of all ages will like.

For antique style interesting solution would be a noble combination of white, beige and gold. Golden thread will be appropriate for such a luxurious styles as Baroque and Empire.

Shades of the scorching sun and hot sand color will give the African interior. And with the help of white, lilac and green tones it will be so easy to convey the beauty of the cherry blossoms. As for such popular trends as the classics and minimalism, they need light monochrome coatings.

By the way, bright colors are more suitable for the bedroom as they help to avoid the emotional overload.

Experiment - in the collections you can select materials in one color range, but with different structure, and make the space even more interesting!

Liquid Wallpaper in the Living Room

Жидкие обои в гостиной
Liquid wallpaper in the interior of the living room or hall will play the role of a decent background. The choice of a particular type of coatings depends on the style of the selected major color. So, if the living room interior has a restrained classical style, the coating is selected in universal, monotonous, soothing colors.

If Provence romantic theme is preferred, then the chosen coating must be in the most soft, muted shades of watercolor to demonstrate the sophistication and refinement.

In the loft-style and high-tech styles liquid wallpaper cool tones will be more appropriate. They bring in the mood of these styles to the fullest, providing softness at the same time, which is so important for comfort. A coating in warm colors is perfect for country style. That's how  the rustic flavor and comfort it is expressed. Moreover, peach, brown and coffee tones are in perfect harmony with the natural wood.

You can select the appropriate liquid wallpaper for Scandinavian minimalism. This will be fine textures in shades of gray and beige with a combination of white and graphite. Bright colors will be the best for retro style: green, yellow, pink and even red or orange.

The Kitchen and Hallway Interior

Жидкие обои в интерьере прихожей
Liquid wallpaper in the hall interior –is not only a spectacular, but also practical solution. Moreover, the coating can be opened with acrylic lacquer, which will increase moisture resistance. If you leave the liquid wallpaper in the "natural" state, you will be able to upgrade the coating at any time, removing the most contaminated areas or worn out areas.

The following types of coating will be good for any style:

  • For the loft-style universal coating with small fibers would be appropriate , they soften the perception of brick and metal elements;
  • Classic or palace style implies luxury, and therefore needs the wallpaper with glitter and lurex;
  • You can decorate the room with dynamic and geometric patterns.

In the hallway light colors are preferred. But kitchen interior liquid wallpaper can have a more saturated color. Even such bold solutions as aqua, fuchsia or graphite will fit in here. But you need to use additional light sources so that the finishing would not seem grim.