The technique of Applying Liquid Wallpaper on the Ceiling

The finish of the ceiling surface is carried out in different ways. But the simple staining requires a perfect alignment of the base, and the installation of suspended structures are not always suitable. It is necessary to use liquid wallpaper for the ceiling decoration, especially if the walls and you'll make out with the same material. This ensures stylistic unity and luxurious visual effect. It is only necessary to specify how to apply liquid wallpaper on the ceiling.

The advantages of liquid wallpaper as a material for finishing the ceiling

Before you decide how to apply liquid wallpaper on the ceiling, it is necessary to learn about the benefits of these coatings:

  • naturalness: it is composed of only eco-friendly textile fibers and cellulose;
  • absence of chemical colorants provided color dyed fibers rather than pigments;
  • textural variety, variability of colors. Liquid wallpaper on the ceiling look very aesthetically pleasing and bright;
  • Durability: the material does not fade in the sun and does not peel off;
  • antistatic properties: to the coating does not attract dust;
  • easy care. Ceiling with the application of liquid wallpaper can be vacuumed;
  • seamlessness obtained surface;
  • good sound insulation performance;
  • ease of application.

The main process steps

So, how to glue liquid wallpaper on the ceiling:

  1. The surface must be prepared: clean from dirt and old coatings and degreased.
  2. On the ceiling plaster is applied. Enough of the starting lineup. Overwrite it does not need.
  3. The surface of the ground. For application using white or transparent acrylic primer. To put it best roller with a long handle.
  4. After the primer has dried the surface is covered with water paints to provide plain white background.
  5. In the right places glued baseboards and moldings. Hang them on a liquid wallpaper is not recommended, so they are installed before applying the topcoat.
  6. Prepared liquid wallpaper: they are mixed with water and soaked for at least 8 hours to activate the adhesive properties.
  7. With the help of a plastic trowel applied liquid wallpaper on the ceiling and leveled.

If you follow all the requirements of the technology, you get a wonderful result: perfectly flat surface with expressive texture and the desired colors. To imagine what the result will be in the end, vote photos of liquid wallpaper on the ceiling in the directory.