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Features of green color in the interior

Green color is rightfully considered one of the prevailing colors among things and phenomena around us in nature. It is a symbol of the naturalness of the environment itself, its essence and its soul. It gives calm and invigorating coolness, rest for the eyes and emotions. This is explained by the fact that the positive perception of these shades is inherent in us in the most natural way, by Universe itself. Comprehending the meanings of these images, we will share with you how to combine green color palettes in the most harmonious proportions.

Combinations of green in any shade with woody tones and textures are a win-win option. At the same time, wood shades can be light, dark, with reddish tints or tonal transitions in chocolate colors. All of them will look harmonious.

The situation is similar with shades of gray and gray-blue colors. Almost all of them are perfectly combined with the gamut of green tones.

Decor elements made in white, in combination with basic green, expressively emphasize the correctness and accuracy of the lines, and give a sense of accentuated completeness to the interior.

A special place in the design tradition is occupied by the combination of green shades with a small amount of gold-colored decor. However, be careful with the proportion of gold, as too much of it can ruin the visual effect.

In today's trends, combinations of dark green and graphite tones are considered relevant. They give a weighty, meaningful emotional color to the entire interior style.

As a general recommendation, when using a green palette, it should be borne in mind that green tones have a psychological effect of "cooling" emotional states. So, for example, they are ideal for places of rest and psychological relief, help people with a predisposition to mobile emotional reactions to find balance and harmony.

In our BIOPLAST online store you can choose liquid wallpaper in shades of green using a convenient color filter. For your convenience, each of the articles can be assessed by "pasting" them into several standard interiors - this will help you imagine the visualization, which from a number of standard interiors may be the closest to your project. BIOPLAST liquid wallpaper is unpretentious both at the stage of surface preparation and at work. And the very process of working with them will bring you the joy of creativity!