Hotel business design

Creating the effect of "uniqueness" with the help of Bioplast textile plaster in the design of your hotel can really make an unforgettable impression on your visitors.

Textile plaster, also known as fabric wall covering, is a unique and luxurious way to add texture and style to your hotel interior. To achieve this, follow these steps:

1. Selection of Bioplast textile plaster

The aesthetic value of which lies in the fact that it is able to create a seamless surface, similar to a fabric coating. Has zero static (does not attract dust) and does not burn out.

Also, it does not require careful preparation of the surface, it forms an additional sound and heat insulating layer on the walls.

Bioplast is known for its eco-friendly properties, making it an excellent choice for designing eco-friendly hotels.

2. Design concept

Develop an interior design concept for your hotel. Determine where you want to apply the Bioplast textile plaster. It is commonly used in reception rooms, corridors and even guest rooms to create a sense of luxury and uniqueness.

3. Choose a textile material

It can be artificial wool or cellulose fiber. Pay attention to color, decorative elements and texture.

4. Choose the design style of your hotel

This year, designers recommend avoiding the extremes of combining styles and choosing the golden mean more often. Example:

  • Soft minimalism

In 2023, the very look of minimalism will become softer and smoother. First of all, due to warm shades, textiles in the interior and natural textures.

  • Retro та vintage

Nostalgia for the old days does not deny progress and new technologies, so in 2023 they can coexist harmoniously in the same interior. A vintage detail can become a bright accent of a minimalist interior.

5. Lighting and accessories

Correct lighting is essential for demonstrating the texture and design of Bioplast textile plaster. Consider adding accent lighting or decorative fixtures to highlight the feature. Complement the design with furniture and decor that match the style and aesthetics.

Bioplast textile plaster can create a stunning visual effect and contribute to the ecological design of your hotel. It adds a level of luxury and uniqueness that can set your hotel apart, providing a "wow" factor that will impress your guests from the moment they walk in.