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Liquid wallpaper BIOPLAST

Liquid wallpaper BIOPLAST – is decorative textile coating material of new generation. It can be used for decorating walls, ceilings and surfaces of different shapes (arcs, columns, spheres, etc.). In any architect concept exists an application for such material.

After all, liquid wallpaper is ideal for interior design both residential and commercial purposes. With their help, you can arrange the hall of a country house or hotel, office space or a bedroom. And what a wonderful pictures can be done in the children’s room! You can always buy wallpaper cheaply and change the interior for the better, to add brightness. Online store BIOPLAST liquid wallpaper will offer you more than 230 options for stylistic solutions!

The composition of the material. Key Features

When deciding to buy wallpaper on the Internet, choose materials with certificates. We are manufacturers, not middlemen, so we guarantee the quality of all components of the product and full compliance with the colors of the catalogue.

Producing liquid wallpaper means only safe ingredients as raw materials. The material uses cellulose (a derivative of the woodworking industry) and textile fibers obtained from the processing of artificial silk. A gluing component is CMC, carboxymethyl cellulose, which is “wood glue”. It is characterized by fast swelling and good adhesive properties.

In order to get stylish and high-quality liquid wallpaper, manufacturing takes place in several stages. Initially, designers develop collections that use non-standard coating texture and fashionable colors. Then the raw material is purchased, monitored and prepared. After this, the preparation of the dry composition and its packaging in individual kilogram packages begins. Each new batch must undergo quality testing. Thanks to them, you can buy liquid wallpaper in the online store, which are easy to apply and serve for a long time.


  1. Easy to work with the material - add water, mix, and apply to the surface.
  2. Absence of seams - it is put with homogeneous plastic mass.
  3. Thermal insulation and noise absorption - keeps heat and also absorbs sound.
  4. Frost resistance - compensate for the deformation when the temperature drops.
  5. Finishing properties - hides bumps and small cracks.
  6. Antistatic - zero electrostatic charge, does not attract dust.
  7. Vapor permeability - does not interfere with the natural movement of air.
  8. Maintainability - quick and easy replacement or repair of any fragment.

Features of application and operation

Do you plan to buy liquid wallpaper cheap? This is a great choice for creating a spectacular interior! The material is easily applied even on rough walls (after application of “start plaster”) and is suitable for decorating curved surfaces (bay windows, arches, multi-level ceilings).

Textile fibers in the composition of liquid wallpaper (on the ceiling and on the walls) make the material unusually soft. As for colors and textures, among the 174 options in the BIOPLAST catalog you can easily find your own, unique solution. We have inexpensive liquid wallpaper and premium coatings with glitter. Thanks to the perfectly selected color scheme, it is so easy to select and purchase liquid wallpaper on the Internet for any interior style, from classic to avant-garde.

Remember one important nuance: ordering our liquid wallpaper in Kharkov, Kiev or any other city of Ukraine, you will receive consistently high quality material, and, regardless of where you purchased our product, technical support and advice from our experts.

You will be able to consult about the application of any type of surfaces, from concrete walls to plasterboard sheets, as well as to get comprehensive instructions on how to create a decorative painting using liquid wallpaper. In addition, we can choose colors for an existing design project with a guaranteed hit in tonality.

You can buy wallpaper in the online store, as well as order a tool for the application and glitter to create additional decorative effects.


Briefly about our products.

Day after day, our trademark specialists have been working for more than 10 years to ensure that hundreds of thousands of our grateful clients and potential buyers can conveniently select and purchase high-quality finishing materials.

The range of our products is carefully designed to satisfy customers with a variety of selection criteria: color, texture, performance and, of course, budget requirements.

Quality control and certification

Liquid wallpaper for walls do not have any restrictions for use in residential or public spaces. For any object you can buy liquid wallpaper in Ukraine from the manufacturer. And it was our specialists who developed the technical conditions for the quality control of the material: TUU 24.3-2494010054-001: 2012 “Production of a mixture for the preparation of liquid wallpaper”. These technical conditions regulate the production technology.

Unchanged in our assortment are high safety of our products and strict quality control. This has been repeatedly confirmed by the findings of Ukrainian certified state laboratories (including Sanitary Epidemiological Certification), as well as the European CE product safety certificate.

We are grateful to all our customers, supporting us with their warm feedback and thanks throughout the entire period of our work. You inspire us to create new product samples, so that your interiors are unique, and life delights you with its colors.